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How to combine active motherhood with liberating beauty
My name is Andrea Vindt, and I am an energetic and modern mother who was inspired by the biggest life project - motherhood and love for two unique beings - to create the fashion brand VINDT and write these lines. I felt that motherhood was a unique and life-changing experience from the beginning. However, one thing does not change with the arrival of children: our feminine desire to feel comfortable and beautiful in what we are wearing. During my motherhood, I experienced this internal contradiction quite intensely. I did not want to give up breastfeeding or my natural enthusiasm for fashion. But, instead, I realized that the child needs the happiest and contented mother with a clear mind. So I designed a dress that furnished me with that feeling. VINDT dresses were created in conjunction with the most valuable everything I have and what I ""transcendentally"" love. That is why there is incredible and indescribable energy in them! They are a symbol of inner independence for me. They refuse to compromise, beautifying and simplifying the most meaningful period of your life. I believe that you will experience beautiful and unforgettable moments of motherhood and femininity in them.
How to combine active motherhood with liberating beauty
A dress that doesn't break the bond

VINDT dresses are the only ones of their kind on the Slovak market. They break down stereotypes so that none of us has to compromise anymore and don't have to worry about what is stylish and comfortable to wear. And so that the magic bond does not break - between the female "I" and the child, which is our inseparable part. Discover in them your beauty and femininity in every period of your life. Thanks to the timeless design and versatile cut, you will be happy to wear them for many years, regardless of your current figure. And if you unzip a few hidden zippers, you will discover a beautiful secret. VINDT dresses suddenly take on a maternal dimension.

A dress that doesn't break the bond

We design with feelings, we think practically, we sew responsibly.

vindt moa dress
Created in detail
Every inner stitch is as important to us as the outer one, thanks to which VINDT dresses originals destined for long-term wear.
vindt geisha dress
Liberating and timeless
The timeless design with a versatile and original cut will underline your personality and femininity on any occasion. With or without belt, sneakers and heels...
vindt jasmine dress
Fairly sewn in Slovakia
We sew in a sheltered workshop with many years of experience with tailoring techniques. We value exact tailoring work, which is why we appreciate it with a fair reward.
vindt leyla dress

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